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Novell CLA11 開放中文版考試了

2010年6月26日 6 則評論

目前 Novell CLA11 增加日文與中文兩種語系供考生選擇,有興趣的考生可以挑選中文版進行測驗 ^^

CLA 11 Exam Translations

The CLA 11 exam (050-720) has been translated into Japanese and Chinese versions and these exam versions are now available.

Novell and LPI Partner on Linux Training and Certification

2010年2月10日 尚無評論

(WALTHAM, Mass. and SACRAMENTO, Calif. – February 9, 2010) Novell Inc. and The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) today announced an international partnership to standardize their entry-level Linux certification programs on LPIC-1. Under this program, Linux professionals who have earned their LPIC-1 status will also satisfy the requirements for the Novell® Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification. In addition, Novell Training Services has formally agreed to include required LPIC-1 learning objectives in its CLA course training material.

“As a proven provider of enterprise software and services for more than 25 years, and the provider of the most interoperable Linux platform, Novell is well positioned to deliver a comprehensive training program that ensures Linux professionals can achieve the globally recognized LPIC-1 certification enabling them to address diverse data center requirements with technical skill and confidence,” said Markus Rex, general manager and senior vice president for Open Platform Solutions at Novell.

Adoption of Linux, including SUSE® Linux Enterprise from Novell, is accelerating as the industry pursues cost saving solutions that deliver maximum reliability and manageability. A 2009 global survey of IT executives revealed that 40 percent of survey participants plan to deploy additional workloads on Linux over the next 12-24 months and 49 percent indicated Linux will be their primary server platform within five years.

“This partnership represents the strong support the LPI certification program has within the wider IT and Linux community. This historical support has included contributions from vendors such as Novell and has assisted LPI to become the most widely recognized and accepted Linux certification,” said Jim Lacey, president and CEO of LPI. “We look forward to working with Novell to promote the further development of the Linux workforce of the future. In particular, by aligning its training and exam preparation curriculum to support LPIC-1 objectives, Novell has recognized the industry’s need for a vendor-neutral certification program that prepares IT professionals to work with any Linux distribution in an enterprise environment.”

Under the terms of the agreement, all qualified* LPIC-1 holders will have the opportunity to apply for Novell CLA certification without additional exams or fees. Novell Training Services will include LPIC-1 objectives into its Linux Administrator curriculum and programs which include self study, on demand, and partner-led classroom training.

“As an Authorized Training Partner within the Novell PartnerNet® program, SwitchDesk has trained the IT staff from some of the nation’s top companies such as Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Macromedia, NASA and many more,” said Chris Clark, President and CEO, SwitchDesk, Inc. “We are pleased to see LPI and Novell partner to develop aligned course content objectives and deliver dual certification so our customers will be equipped with a broad skill set.”

More information about acquiring dual certification status can be found at Novell here: and at the Linux Professional Institute here:

*This program is not available in Japan.


Novell CLA 11 考試優惠與心得分享

2009年8月23日 20 則評論

沒錯,Novell最近開始著手更新新版的SLES/SLE相關認証到11.0的版本了,除了前一篇所分享的NCLP11之外,Novell CLA 11也提供了新版的考試了。即日起至年底前若是你已經擁有Novell CLA10的朋友可以於VUE報名時,透過promotional code (CLA112009)減少25%的費用。今天小弟也趁下午空擋時間報名參加考試,底下為相關心得分享:

  1. 此科目考試是透過 VUE 考場中心進行考試,考試時間為 120分鐘 (沒有非英語系國家加時)題目約69題滿分800分及格分數為512分
  2. 考試時需要電子簽名拍照,考試過程中與前一版考試相同,沒有倒退與空白做答功能
  3. 範圍基本上按照官方說法是涵蓋未出版的NCLP11教材前兩本,代號為3101與30102。但實際上考試時發現目前NCLP10教材的3071與3072其實也是可以足夠應付這次考試的,因為範圍感覺沒什麼差異。
  4. 難易度基本上大約比 LPIC Level I 簡單點,少了許多LPIC常見的艱澀且不常用的操作問答,題目蠻偏向一般實務操作,因此有經驗的操作者基本上要取得512分基本上沒什麼太大問題(不知道這科目的及格分數是如何定義的,內容基本上都涵蓋再書本內,這次我大約花了20~25分鐘左右通過考試 )。
  5. 有興趣的朋友可以參考OpenSUSE Linux從入門到精通這本書的內容,基本上取得這張證照應該不會太難。
  6. 美中不足的是這張證照可能是目前還在第1版的考試,很多題目都還是寫 SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10,還沒更改完畢,所以考試過程中讓我差點以為報錯考試科目 = =