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ScaleMP Extends vSMP Foundation Capabilities with 3.0

2010年5月30日 尚無評論

新版本的 ScaleMP 3.0 即將在 2010 Q3 更新,從目前釋出的相關資訊來看,對於 vSMP 的應用而言無疑是一項極大的改善,CPU從原本的 128 Core 大幅提升到 16,384 Core,記憶體也可以支援到 64 TB。更重要的是新版本的 3.0 也可以支援 10 GbE 的網路介面了,詳細的更新功能如下所示:

vSMP Foundation 3.0 offers:

  • Unlimited modular scale – raising the upper limits of vSMP Foundation to address larger workloads by creating virtual SMPs with 128 server systems, where each can have up to 128 CPUs (core or threads) totaling 16,384 CPUs. In addition, the new release supports maximum memory and expands to support VMs with up to 64 TB of RAM.
  • Increased performance with improved backplane bandwidth – adding to the existing fault tolerant capabilities and allowing failover of the networking interconnect from one InfiniBand connection to another, vSMP Foundation 3.0 enables use of multiple InfiniBand host channel adaptors (HCAs) in parallel and uses advanced algorithms to balance the traffic between the parallel InfiniBand connections. The use of InfiniBand multi-path networking included with this release improves overall system performance and is recommended for deployments that have a high number of cores.
  • Expanded hardware support – supporting the latest Intel processors, Nehalem-EX and Westmere-EP, vSMP Foundation now offers an increased set of server options to build virtual SMPs. In addition, an expanded set of host bus adaptors (HBAs) from LSI and Emulex, as well as support for Broadcom’s 10-Gigabit Ethernet cards for customers provide the ability for users to connect a virtual SMP with an extended set of peripheral devices, including a 10GbE network.